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A Podiatrist’s Favorite Shoe

Our feet are easy to overlook, but they really are an important part of the body. Unfortunately, we tend to put them through a lot of stress. One of the best ways to cut down on that stress is to wear shoes that provide the right type of support. The right footwear can help to keep us comfortable throughout the entire day and cut down on pain in the long term.

Look for Running Shoes

A good shoe needs to provide both shock absorption and support to lighten the load on the feet. That matters at all times, but it is most important during athletic events because they put more strain on the feet. Shoemakers have recognized that for a long time, which is why running shoes and sneakers are some of the best shoes for providing support. A pair that fits well should provide enough support for most situations. They aren’t appropriate for every social event but there are plenty of fashionable ones that will get the job done in most scenarios.

Avoid Plastic

Plastic shoes have a few distinct problems that make them a risky proposition regardless of style. They tend to encourage sweating, which can encourage a variety of foot problems. They also expose the foot to much more friction than other materials which increases the risk of blisters. Plastic makes for shoes that are generally uncomfortable and can cause plenty of minor issues, so it is generally best to avoid them and look at other options.

Be Careful with Sandals

Sandals can be a good choice or a terrible one. It all depends on the style because the amount of support that they offer can vary dramatically from one pair to the next. Flip-flops offer essentially no support to the foot. Wearing them for extended periods will often lead to pain. It is fine to wear them for short periods at the beach or in any other environment where they may need to go off and on quickly but they are not appropriate for regular use.

Gladiator sandals and similar styles are only a little better. They have a lot of straps that make them look like a supportive option, but those straps do not offer many practical benefits. The Birkenstock-style is a much better choice in terms of support, but it isn’t the only safe option. In general, it is best to take sandals on a case-by-case basis to determine which ones are good for the feet.

Go with Short Wedges