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Dr. Seth Haydel: Dedicated Internal Medicine Physician at Life Coast Community Health Center

Unveiling the Essence of Care: Meet Dr. Seth Haydel, Internal Medicine Physician at Life Coast Community Health Center. Dr. Haydel's mission of compassionate healthcare resonates profoundly with our commitment to comprehensive services for Houma and its neighboring communities.

Seth Haydel, MD

Houma's Homegrown Healing: Dr. Seth Haydel's Return to Serve

Dr. Seth Haydel, a native of Houma, has embraced his calling to heal his community. Joining Life Coast Community Health Center, Dr. Haydel's expertise promises a holistic approach to internal medicine, dedicated to offering valuable healthcare solutions.

A Passion Sparked: Legacy of Compassion

Driven by the legacy of his family's compassionate care, Dr. Haydel's passion was ignited at an early age. Witnessing his grandfather and other family members provide care regardless of patients’ financial limitations sparked his desire to make a lasting impact on the community he cherishes.

Connecting Through Care: Nurturing Patient Relationships

For Dr. Haydel, the heart of medicine lies in nurturing strong patient relationships. His purpose is to guide their healthcare journeys and steer them toward healthier outcomes through compassion and understanding.

Tackling Challenges: Empathy Beyond Administrative Barriers

Navigating the challenges of healthcare administration, Dr. Haydel's priority remains steadfast—advocating for patients and providing empathetic care that transcends any administrative obstacle.

Champion of Compassion: Patients Speak

Patients entrusted to Dr. Haydel's care affirm his dedication to personal connections, compassion, and unwavering advocacy. His commitment echoes through the voices of those he serves.

Aligned with a Vision: Empowering Underserved Communities

The heart of Life Coast's mission resonates with Dr. Haydel's desire to empower underserved populations. He is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare where it's needed most.

Guiding Light: Responsibilities and Expertise

At the clinic, Dr. Haydel wears many hats. From delivering high-value comprehensive care to skillfully managing chronic medication regimens, his expertise is a guiding light in patient wellness.

Family: The Catalyst for Excellence

In his family, Dr. Haydel finds the inspiration to excel. Their unwavering support fuels his dedication to delivering top-tier care.

A Mantra to Navigate Life: Weathering Storms for Growth

"Calm seas never made a great sailor. Sharpening your skills are forged through tough times." This mantra propels Dr. Haydel through challenges, igniting his growth as a healer.

Passion Unveiled: Preventative and Comprehensive Care

Dr. Haydel's dedication unfolds through his passion for preventative medicine. He aspires to shield patients from arduous disease courses and offers holistic management for chronic conditions.

Unveiling Transformation: Patient Empowerment

Witnessing patients reclaim control of their health exhilarates Dr. Haydel. Guiding them towards healthier paths propels his commitment.

Dr. Haydel with his wife Jenna and their four children: Rivers, Sinclaire, Lennon, and Banks.

Beyond the White Coat: Family and Outdoors

Dr. Haydel's personal pursuits converge with family. He treasures precious moments alongside his wife Jenna and their four children: Rivers, Sinclaire, Lennon, and Banks. Together, they find joy in outdoor adventures such as boating, fishing, and water skiing, creating cherished memories.

A Call to Connect: Dr. Seth Haydel Awaits

Life Coast Community Health Center is privileged to have Dr. Seth Haydel as part of our dedicated team. We are ready to extend unparalleled care, eagerly anticipating the privilege to serve you. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Haydel or our dedicated professionals, call 985-360-3755.

At Life Coast, our mission thrives through the expertise of our remarkable medical staff. We are excited to connect with you, contributing to your well-being.

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